Our values are:

Norwegian (English translation):

Effektive (Efficiency)
Lagspillere (Team players)
Oppfinnsomme (Inventive)

Mestergruppen's employees have a commitment to our core values which are: 

Pålitelige - reliability
The core value reliability is important for us in order to establish trust to our customers, our members, partners and to each other.

Effektive - efficiency
We work efficiently in order to achieve our goals. Our goal is to be the most efficient player in our markets and business areas.

Lagspillere - team players
We chose to cooperate and work together in order to achieve our goals. Through team work we become stronger.

Oppfinnsomme - inventive
We work to change the industry we operate in by invention and creativity. We want to contribute in a positive way to the society we are a part of. 

Mestergruppen has ethical guidelines in order to build trust and credibility. We work to ensure that our businesses and operations are conducted according to the law, that we are compliant and that our employees operate according to our ethical guidelines.