Our history

Mestergruppen is a corporation which operates in the Scandinavian housing, cabin and building supplies markets. Our corporation consists of several well-known companies and chains.

In 1970 Mesterhus was founded by a group of house builders who wanted to establish purchasing agreements directly with the building material manufacturers. In 1995 Mestergruppen was founded and successfully worked to negotiate national purchasing agreements that would benefit all member companies.

Today, Mestergruppen consists of many house construction and building supply brands, such as Systemhus, Norbohus, XL-BYGG, Byggeriet, Bolist, Fargerike, Mal Proff and many more. Each brand has a large number member companies and dealers. In addition to products, building materials and procurement, members also benefit from marketing platforms, training, IT solutions and other services. 

In 2011 Mestergruppen was acquired by Ferd AS, which is a family-owned Norwegian investment company. Today they are the majority owner of Mestergruppen. Our members are also our shareholders. 

In 2016 Mestergruppen completed the acquisition of the building supply chain Byggtorget which has approximately 100 stores in Norway. 

Later the same year, Mestergruppen took over the ownership in Nordek, with the chains XL-BYGG and Blink Hus, and became the market leader in both building materials and housing construction in Norway.

In the autumn of 2017, Mestergruppen bought the Saltdalsbygg group, which is best known for Saltdalshytta, a very successful concept in the Norwegian cabin market. Røroshytta is also part of the Saltdalsbygg group, as well as Saltdalshytta Utvikling. Saltdalshytta delivers cabins both as element building kits and as turnkey recreational homes.

In February 2018, Mestergruppen completed the acquisition of Pretre, Norway's leading manufacturer of trusses, precuts and joists.

In 2021 Mestergruppen acquired Malorama, Norway's leading logistics and distribution partner of surface products. Malorama includes the concepts Mal Proff, as well as the logistics warehouse Farveringen outside Oslo, as well as Fargerike and Kulør

August 2022 VVS Norge became a part of Mestergruppen.

In 2022 Mestergruppen has approxiametly 1600 employees and Mestergruppen's annual turnover is approximately 18 billion NOK.